Questions and Myths

What questions should I ask my doctor about my hepatitis B?
  • "Should I be tested for hepatitis B?"
  • "Do I need to have my family tested?"
  • "Do I need treatment?"
Who should be treated?
  • Acute hepatitis B usually does not need treatment
  • All patients with chronic hepatitis B require evaluation for possible treatment
    • Not everyone requires treatment
    • The decision to start treatment should be based on a careful evaluation by a doctor
What are the available treatments for hepatitis B?
  • Current treatments are very effective
  • The medications used to treat hepatitis B are either pills or injectable medications
  • Medications must be continued until a doctor says it is safe to stop
Myths about hepatitis B
  • It is a myth: "There is nothing to worry about"
    • Truth: This can only be determined through tests ordered by a doctor
  • It is a myth: "There is no treatment for chronic hepatitis B"
    • Truth: There are several effective treatments for hepatitis B
  • It is a myth: "Hepatitis B vaccines will prevent people with the hepatitis B virus from getting sick"
    • Truth: Vaccination can prevent hepatitis B, but is only helpful for persons who do not have hepatitis B already